It's Fundraising Time!

We have decided to hold a fundraiser every other month for a small business or a local non-profit organization.  We will create (or use yours) a new T-Shirt image for each fundraiser which will be open for a full month. At the end of that time, once all the T-Shirts have been paid for and processed, The Penguin Revolution will donate 25% of the proceeds to the selected small business or local non-profit organization.

The first, initial, fundraising kickoff is for DSRA, the Diamond State Rodeo Association. DSRA holds a bi-annual gay rodeo here in the natural state of Arkansas. The image created for this fundraiser features a horse, dog, cat and bird with rainbow colored footprints, hoofprints and wind streams along with the words "Friends Run Together". Get your T-shirt Today!  It goes for a wonderful cause.

If you'd like your small business or non-profit to benefit from the generosity of The Penguin Revolution, please contact us on the Contact Us page.